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Serial Port AX Control is an ActiveX control that allows you to open a serial port on your system, control the settings of the port and receive data from that port.Serial Port AX Control is able to map the port settings to a corresponding COM port.Serial Port AX Control is easy to use and does not require complicated programming skills.Serial Port AX Control Features:Transmit Control PanelControl panel used to control serial port settings.You can change port settings, send escape codes and message without programming.Serial Port AX Control is fully compatible with all COM ports and operating systems, including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux.Transmit Panel Properties:You can change your parameters such as terminal type, baud rate, parity and data bits to serial port settings.Current settings is displayed, but you can still change them.Serial Port AX Control uses a Data Explorer component to recieve data from serial port, see Data Explorer.Transmit Panel Methods:Serial Port AX Control is a software that allows you to use special codes in order to send messages to the serial port.You can send various messages including Escape Sequences and other special characters.See the list of available methods, even if you don't have the latest version of Serial Port AX Control, the codes from the previous version will work.Debug Mode:You can enable Serial Port AX Control debug mode.In this mode the messages from the serial port are displayed in the Transmit panel.You can enable & disable this mode on the fly, without having to restart the application.Alarms:Serial Port AX Control allows you to define alarns on events that occur to serial port and provide message.After you define the message you will be able to receive it when the specific event occurs.Examples of Serial Port AX Control:This example shows you how to open and close serial port.This example shows you how to configure parameters for serial port.This example shows you how to get current settings for serial port.This example shows you how to send a special character to serial port.This example shows you how to send an escape sequence to serial port.Serial Port AX Control Help:This is the Serial Port AX Control help file.Changes:Changes in version 2.0:- Changed the COM port and serial port settings to the default. This helps to save the settings in your computer 08929e5ed8

Serial Port ActiveX Control For PC

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