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Talk to me in English!
Communication classes in English

Now that you have your B1- C2, let's learn how to use it! These classes are designed to help you to speak fluently and to adapt to the culture easily. Our strength is that we study and practice grammar, vocabulary, and verbs in a COMMUNICATIVE CONTEXT in order for you to express yourself with confidence. The classes are highly interactive, participatory, and are taught by enthusiastic native mentors. Choose between the online or face-to-face format.



You Had Me at ¡Hola!
Spanish Communication Classes

At DarKha Language Immersion Academy, we offer you a communication learning experience that is effective, practical, and efficient. The courses are adapted to real life situations and accommodate the academic needs of each student. Prepare to travel and study abroad, and to advance in your career .

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Valencià: It's a Language, Too
Classes in both Spanish and Valencian

Here in Valencia, Spain, there are two official languages: Spanish and Valencian. At DarKha Language Immersion Academy, the courses are adapted to real-life situations, and in this case, into two languages! We offer you a communication learning experience that is effective, practical and efficient. Get ready to travel, study abroad, and deepen your language skills in this beautiful Mediterranean coastal state.

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