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What is DarKha?

At DarKha Academy of Languages , we prepare students to speak fluently and confidently through cultural immersion.

What is Cultural Immersion? 

We teach interactive classes taught by native teachers and graduates. 

We offer trips abroad where students live and interact with the language.  

Our Goal is to deepen your communicative and cultural experience as much as possible. 

Below, you will find the information you need about our courses and excursions. Can't find what you are looking for? Get in touch with us today.

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Language Immersion Classes. Dynamic. Effective. Practical. What will your new super power be?


Language Immersion Trips 

Delve into the language and culture with a study adventure trip to California, Mexico, and Spain.

Fun at the Beach

Cultural Exchange Opportunities

Share your English speaking talents with other cultures while on an adventure.


Explore What DarKha Language Immersion Offers

Education in the 21st century brings a mix of challenges. The principle one being accurate feedback on your speaking skills. As a foreign language school of excellence, we offer you the solution: linguistic immersion. This means that students prepare their language in the classroom and then practice and perfect it  in the country that speaks it. We have flexible programs with innovative techniques and methodologies, both here and abroad. Our mission is to foster communication in the real world for a successful future. 
Our committed approach, along with our exceptional faculty, makes DarKha Inmersión Lingüística one of the best options in Spain and the United States. Explore our available courses and contact our team to schedule a free, no obligation class.

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